Saturday, October 30, 2010

As of today

Ok. So, it's been awhile. Summer was great. When school ended, I decided not to do much except play with the kids and enjoy the quiet time with them. We went to the pool a lot and I got my first tan in years!! I just hope it stays through winter.

Since school has started things are back to crazy. I have started to realize that I say "no" to too many things the kids want to do because I am so worn out each day. I have started to make a conscious effort to let them do more. But, my limit is 8 pm. I do not want to be out driving past that. I need my rest and relaxation time and after 8, I am more than ready for it.

I am currently gearing myself up for pomegranate jelly making time. Have I mentioned they are a pain in the ass? Oy. No wonder it only actually gets done once every few years. I have also just picked up a 50 pound case of cucumbers for pickling. I am so excited to make pickles, but only because I have never done it before. Anything new is fun the first time.

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  1. Look at you go! Can't wait to hear how all the canning turns out. You are such a good cook!