Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The baby (who is two and a half years old) got really sick this weekend. Since she was born, she has always been susceptible to croup, the cough that sounds like a seals bark. She gets it 3 to 4 times a year. We own a nebulizer (a machine you put medicine into to help her breath) and all the equipment that goes with it. Usually, I can control the croup with a whole lot of steam at about three in the morning.

This weekend was different. She had started a cough on Thursday. By Saturday morning she was wheezing with each breath. I took her to the emergency center called Instacare at 10am. We got to sit in the wonderful waiting room (note sarcasm) for 2 hours. WooHoo. Anyway, when they finally called us back, the oxygen in her blood was measuring at 91% (this is quite low, not horrible, but not good) and her pulse was pretty high at 140 beats per minute. The doc decided to take chest x-rays to see if there was anything in her lungs. There was quite a bit of stuff in her lungs and she was flaring her nostrils with each breath. The doc gave us a liquid steroid to give her orally, Albuterol (which is the inhalant steroid), and an antibiotic.

After being in Instacare for 3 hours, we finally got to leave and get the prescriptions filled. We headed over to Target. I had to call Hubby to tell him to meet me there because I was going to be late to work and I couldn't get anyone to cover my shift. Leaving her with Hubby (yes, her dad) was really hard. I have never EVER had to leave her or any of the other kids when they were that sick. EVER. For the first time since I started working 3 1/2 months ago, I wished I could quit.

She is doing great now. The antibiotics are knocking out whatever she had and we have only had to use the breathing machine 4 times. Daddy did a good job but it still wasn't me.


  1. That sucks. Glad to heat she is doing better, poor kid.

  2. That's gotta be the hardest thing in the world to not be able to comfort your kids. I'm glad she's doing better! And congrats on starting the blog :)