Thursday, January 22, 2009


Tomorrow I have my first biology test. I wasn't nervous until our teacher gave us a 15 question practice exam today. Let's just say that I thought I was understanding what I was hearing from him.

The first day of class Mr. M said that we shouldn't worry about reading the book thoroughly. We should "look at the book as a resource" and only go to it when we needed questions answered. I was willing to believe him on this because it is a BIG SCARY book!

See how thick it is? Ok, so maybe the picture doesn't quite do it justice, but take my work for it.

So, when he had us take the quiz today, I found out that Mr. M lied! Half of the questions were directly out of the book and stuff he barely talked about in his lectures.

Can you guess what I will be doing half the night? Yep, reading my new friend - The Big Scary Book.


  1. Never trust a teacher. When a teacher says "I don't test from the book",always read the book!

    When the teacher says, "I never test from the lectures", always study the lecture notes!

  2. So I see. I still think it was wrong.