Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What do you tip?

I have noticed more and more that people don't tip what they should. Maybe it's the economy, maybe they are cheap, or maybe they just don't realize what it's like to live off of $1 per person tips. My hope is that people just don't realize the protocol. And because we have to live off of tips, undertipping irritates me pretty bad.

In my area, I have had servers tell me that most people tip about $1 per person, no matter what their bill is. Tipping should be done based off of your bill. Now, I know I tip a bit higher than standard because I understand the amount of work a server has to do for me to enjoy my meal. I start my tipping amount at 20% when I sit down. If the server is good and attentive (not annoying) they will get the full 20%. I go down from there. 10% is the lowest I will give. The only time I will leave $0 is if a server is so bad I had to talk to the manager. This way, the server knows it was about their service and not about me being cheap.

As I was thinking about all of this, I started wondering what the right tipping protocol is for other types of places.

So, I ask you. (Although, I know a lot of people have quit reading :) What do you tip your hairstylist? or the person who makes your coffee at Starbucks?


  1. I tip my hairstylist about $5 a person. Are you suppose to tip the barista? Oops.

  2. Most people don't realize servers only make $3-$4 an hour. Stylist depends (usually about 10%) and counter folks I tip if there is a jar or I get really great service. There have been incidents where I tried to tip someone who helped me and they weren't allowed to accept it. I've tipped the poor dishwasher at restaurants and drive-thrus just for fun lol because honestly, that's the crappiest job and they make squat. And the occasional other peon job that goes unnoticed gets tipped because it makes me happy :}

  3. I do the same as you. Paul tends to tip 20% no matter what. Unles the service was so bad that he had to speak to a manager then he will tip 10%.

  4. cfoxes: That's about what I tip my stylist too. I also tip my eyebrow lady $3. on a $12 wax. The barista? Well, I figure they are like the people at McDonald's and I don't tip them. They don't serve me at a table. I have to stand there and wait for my coffee~this does not deserve a tip, in my opinion.

    Anonymous: That's nice that you go out of your way to tip the crappy jobs! There should be more people like you. Then, maybe, people would be in a better mood! ;)

    Robin: If the service is soooo bad the manager had to be brought in, then that person deserves NOTHING! ;) But, that's just me! My hubby would also still leave a low tip, but not me.

  5. We just tip waiters or waitresses in the Netherlands. Well, some people do, some don't. It also depends on the type of establishment one's in: in a bar it is rare, in a restaurant more common. The tip is usually between 5% and 15%, but the bill (legally) includes service fees that guarantee a decent basic income for the serving staff even without tips.

  6. Dutch: At least the serving staff makes a decent wage. Our servers make around $3/hour. Because of this, they have to rely on tips.