Thursday, March 18, 2010

Addiction and Back to Life

Have I mentioned how addicted I am to Facebook? I signed up for it about 2 or 3 years ago, I don't really remember when. At first, I didn't get the point of it. Now, I can't get off it. Which really isn't helping with the needing to study. I love that all my friends are on there and we get to keep up with each other. I love that I get to be a farmer (Farm Ville), a mobster (Mafia Wars), a chef (Cafe World), and a mayor (My Town). I think it's become an escape from all the stress of life right now.

The kids and I had spring break last week and it was the most relaxing, enjoyable week I have had in a long time. Monday and Tuesday I didn't do much. We watched t.v., a couple of movies, and just enjoyed being home. By Friday I had shaved (which was much needed), cleaned the house (which is no longer clean), caught up on laundry (which is starting to overflow again), and had cooked dinner every night (we had nachos twice because we were craving them). It was a great week.

This week, we are all back to school. I even have 2 tests to take over the weekend to prove it. Hopefully, I will pass them all. I didn't study much at all over spring break. I had planned on it, but when it came down to it... I just didn't feel like it.

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