Friday, December 2, 2011

23 Days Until Christmas and Popcorn Recipe

Day 2

Today is Friday and we have Christmasy plans for the evening. We get to decorate the city Christmas Tree and have a little party with my oldest daughters' Girl Scout troop. After this, we are headed to Barnes and Noble's to sing carols and read Christmas stories.

When we get home (and so we can include the kids who aren't able to make the Girl Scout events), we are going to watch Jim Carrey's A Christmas Carol... with popcorn of course!

Here is our most favorite popcorn recipe:

1/4 Cup Coconut Oil
1 Cup Popcorn Kernals
1 Big Pop with good lid (the popcorn will almost fill the pot. This makes a lot of popcorn)
Pop holders
Real Butter (we use about 3/4 of a stick for this pot's worth)

On stove over medium heat, melt coconut oil in pot. Dump in the popcorn kernels and put lid securely on. Using the pot holders (because sometimes steam will escape or the handles will get too hot), shake the pot every few seconds until the kernels start to pop. Once they are popping, shake the pop continuously so the popcorn doesn't burn. Make sure the pot stays in contact with the heat source. (You kind of swirl the pot over the burner). The popping noise will start to slow down and when you only hear one or two pops every few seconds, remove the pot from the heat. Take the lid off immediately (beware of steam) so the kernels don't get wet. Melt some butter, drizzle over popcorn and toss the popcorn so it gets all over the kernels, season to your preference and enjoy!

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  1. I think what you are doing will build lasting memories and traditions with your children, and you are doing a fantastic job!!