Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Registration Time....Again

I get to register for my next semester classes today. I love getting my schedule figured out. I like knowing and preparing myself ahead of time of what it's going to be like each semester. After a lot of conversations, I think (I hope) we finally have it all figured out (I wish).

I am going to take:

Anatomy and it's lab
Medical Terminology
and Sociology

13 credits total.

I also figured out that I now have ALL my general education requirements for an Associate's degree. I just need elective credits...I think. I am going trying to get an appointment with an advisor to help me figure this all out. I am feeling a bit burnt out right now because it seems like I just keep taking classes and I have nothing to really show for it but a bunch of credits I may not be able to use. I will keep you updated after I talk to the advisor.


  1. Yes, talk to an advisor. Start figuring out what you want to go for. It's not a waste. I took a few classes that I didn't need. No big deal.

  2. I haven't taken much I don't need, thank goodness. I just need more ;) It would be really nice to have my associate's by now and have something to show for the last 3 years.