Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving and My Family

I am so excited for Thanksgiving! Every year my mom, sisters, and brothers come up to my house from Southern California to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. We end up eating WAY too much food, drinking a little too much wine, and playing lots of fun games throughout the weekend. Our favorite games are Charades and Scrabble.

Now, let me tell you about scrabble. It has been known to cause wars during the visit. We usually get over them quickly, but we still play. My sister even went out and bought the Deluxe Scrabble that she now keeps in her trunk so she won't forget to bring it. I even heard a rumor that their might finally be an Official Scrabble Dictionary this year to minimize the nasty fighting wars. Even with all this, I LOVE playing with them. We usually play just girls (and then my husband starts to peek and give me hints of what words to use, which promptly starts a war). Oh the memories....

Charades is another one that we love. Especially after a glass of wine or two or... It's a lot of fun and Stephanie is really talented act acting them out (I will see if I can secretly video tape her impression of Kramer. It's a riot!)

This is where I need your help. In Thanksgivings past, we have used the charades box out of my Cranium game. Unfortunately, we have all memorized the cards after 3 years worth of playing. We need your ideas for Charades. What are some good things to act out?


  1. hahaha!!!!!

    Stephanie DID in fact go out and buy a scrabble dictionary. The (rumored) new rule is to be that if the word isn't in Steph's scrabble dictionary, it doesn't count. :)

    Travis has spent the year building up a tolerance to alcohol by working at my attorney friend's law office. But just in case, get some other markers that are permanent besides black. ;)

  2. They usually sell a multi color pack of sharpies at costco for fairly cheap. Remember to take pictures! :) Toni

  3. Not a bad idea! ;) I will charge my camera right now. It would really stink to miss out on some fun shots.