Thursday, September 3, 2009


Tuesday, as I was leaving school, I pissed off another driver. I had turned my blinker on and got in front of him. He proceeded to throw his hands up, honk, and then stared at me as he passed me. (I had gotten into the turn lane.) So, I flipped him off. I mean, what a jerk, to stare at me like that. Shit, I had my blinker on. 

Well, he turned around and followed me to the parking lot where I was meeting my husband. He then drove up to where our windows meet and proceeded to stare at me with his window still up. I stared back. After about 15 seconds of just staring, he signaled to me to roll my window down. I did. Why not? Luckily, my hubby was standing right with me, I just don't think the guy saw him.  

Him: "Why did you flip me off?"
Me: "Because you were throwing up your hands and staring at me all rudely."
Him: "Why did you cut me off?"
Me: "I didn't, I had my blinker on." 
Him: "No you didn't. (I think he was to busy staring at all the college girls.) Who do you work for?"

You see, I drive a 15 passenger van so I must work for someone because no one would CHOOSE to drive one. 

Me: "I don't work for anyone." 
Him: "I will find out who you work for. I have your license plate number."
Me: "Okay. Whatever."

As he was leaving, Hubby tried to ask him something but he just kept going. Chicken shit. He can harass a woman but can't answer a question from her husband. Unfortunately, I didn't think of getting his license plate number until it was to late. I would have reported him for harassment. 

Then today:
I was picking up my kids from school and the parking lot gets a little out of control. I pulled out in front of someone (this time on accident) and she honked and threw up her hands. (do we see a pattern here?) I didn't do anything back this time. I just kept going. I learned my lesson after the last one. 

She FOLLOWED me most of the way home. When we got to the only light by my house, she finally turned. My oldest said that her kid held a sign out the window, but we don't know what it said. I will remember her car. It is a really small school. I will see her everyday for the rest of the year. (She is probably thinking the same thing about me and my car. The only difference? I didn't act all psycho and follow her.)

It's probably my driving. Maybe I drive like my mother and grandmother. But, I have never had these problems before with driving. It makes me want to give up driving.


  1. I tell ya, it's the van! It couldn't possibly be anything else. :) Toni

  2. I found you through Chocolate & Whine. It sounds like you are ahead of the game as long as one of your kids doesn't fall out of the car while you're driving!

  3. What a jerk! And I love your new design!

  4. Toni Of course it's gotta be the van. It couldn't possibly be me!

    Gayle Welcome! Yes, my mother's driving is a bit scary.

    Dutch donut girl My wonderful sister did it! I really love it.

  5. My driving is not scary. I drive just fine. I just drive a bit faster than a roller coaster. And I've only been in one accident in 35 years. So there!

    I think people are just a**holes out on the road these days.

    BTW, don't flip people off. The last time I flipped this one jerk off, he followed me off the freeway into the parking lot where I was meeting my husband and his 22-year old son. When the guy who followed me saw them, he took off.

    Guys don't mind going after a girl, but they are pussies as soon as they see male competition.

    -your mother.