Friday, September 18, 2009

Like you care.

I have been sick this week.

Sunday: it started with a scratchy throat.

Monday: my throat was still scratchy but now it was swollen and I was achy and tired.

Tuesday: I was feeling much better except my gums in the back of my mouth were really tender and swollen. I thought I had a tooth going bad or something. I made sure to buy a really expensive toothbrush because I must not be doing something right.

Wednesday: I noticed a canker type sore on the inside of my lip and a little swollen gland on my jaw line. It hurts when I touch it. I also started having panic attacks and worrying about cancer.

Thursday: Called the doctor and went in. He said there is an ulcer on the back of my gums and somewhere else I don't remember. It is most likely the reason my glands, two in my neck and the one on my jaw line, are extremely swollen. Oh, this is all on my right side. There is absolutely NOTHING on my left side. He said it is a virus that will have to run it's course. But, he did give my an antibiotic just in case. If it doesn't get better over the weekend or the sores start to get worse, I am supposed to take them.

Have I mentioned I am allergic to three types of antibiotics? This is a new one I get try and hope, REALLY HOPE, my body doesn't decide it is an intruder. I really hope I don't need it.


  1. I was afraid you were going to say you had the swine. So, update please? Are you doing okay???

  2. Yes, I am better. Thanks for asking!