Saturday, September 5, 2009


After thinking long and hard, we have decided to homeschool our 8 year old, ADHD son. Things at school are not going well for him. He can't stop fidgeting, even on his meds, can't sit still, talks too much, can't focus, can't concentrate, etc. 

Last year, before we had him diagnosed, we had a HUGE problem with major tantrums (meltdowns) through out the day. Everyday, he would tell us he didn't want to go to school and from there it was a major battle for him to get ready. Usually it ended with him on the ground throwing a 2 year old type tantrum. 

Now that he is on meds, we don't have meltdowns very often anymore, Thank God. But, he is with a new teacher and I don't know if she is equipped to handle him (this is her first year teaching also). All I know is he no longer wants to be at school. It's become a major problem. 

Now don't get me wrong, this kid loves to learn! He isn't just sitting around not caring or not doing things. He is always excited when we learn stuff together. I think the classroom atmosphere is very difficult for him. I also think he is getting talked to a lot because of his Adhd behavior. He tries to do what he supposed to. He really does. I know what that was like as a kid and I do not want my children to have to experience being in trouble ALL the time. I don't want him to lose his spark.

The best part about all this: He is so excited that he will be doing school at home. He has been telling me all the things he wants to learn and do. It is so neat to see the excitement in him. I hope that all my children remember to love learning. 


  1. Yeah, I'd home school him. I think your making the right choice.

    -your mom

  2. I'm glad to read this blog post and also to see what new discoveries will come your way as you adventure into home education. It is DELIGHTFUL!

  3. Mom: Thanks.

    Jennifer: Thanks. I am really excited to have him home.