Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 1: A little lost

Today is the first day that I don't have to worry about school.

I don't know what to do with my self right now. I am actually feeling kind of lost without the pressure of something due.

I have checked my grades online twice already this morning and I have only been up for 2 hours (I am still waiting for my other three classes to post my final grade-they have until Monday but I think it's a form of torture).

Laundry is done.....No, the washer isn't fixed. On Wednesday the hubby and I took EVERY single dirty cloth like item to the laundry mat. We got EVERYTHING clean. And it only cost us over $60. Painful. Lucky for us we had a bunch of books to sell back to the bookstore and that was just enough to cover the laundry. The wonderful part is ALL the laundry is done right now.

Did you know Christmas is a week away?!? I don't know how that got here so fast but I think it should wait another month so I have time to prepare....Oh wait, I will never be prepared.

I think I will teach myself Medical Terminology so I am ready for my classes next semester. Did I mention I changed my schedule? I have decided to take Anatomy and Physiology (which our college teaches separately) at the same time. I have been told countless times that these are really hard classes. I have also been told by countless people that one of the teachers I have to take is HORRIBLE. Only one person has said something positive about this teacher. So, I am really nervous about next semester.

The best part about doing them both at the same time: It makes it possible for me to apply to the extremely competitive nursing program in March. If I get in, I would start the program in the fall.

I also get to apply for my Associate of Science in January. Hopefully, I enough elective credits to receive it. I have all the core general ed. requirements for sure.

I will tell you: it is really nice to be at a point where there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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  1. I don't know how you do it! Busy busy busy, enjoy your 'free' time.



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